The Best Fidget Toys for Your Kids this Christmas!

The Best Fidget Toys for Your Kids this Christmas!

Hello my friends, Christmas is almost here! As a stay-at-home mom of twins girls living in Southern California, choosing the right Christmas gifts gives me headaches. This year I decided to give some small, functional and practical presents. Let me share with y'all the first part of my "Christmas Shopping Guide" - usage recommendations on the hottest Fidget toys!

I definitely gotta recommend the Colorful Surprise boxed set! This rainbow Fidget toy comes with a dozen brightly colored blocks in different combos. It not only enhances my girls' sense of beauty, but also helps train their hand-eye coordination through play. My daughters fight over blocks in different colors, piecing together all kinds of funky patterns, keeping me entertained!


Of course, the #1 choice to soothe my little princesses' emotions is the 12-piece caterpillar Fidget toys. The super cute shapes and bright colors relax their mood while exercising flexibility in their petite hands. I also love that it uses soft TPR plastic material that's gentle on hands and non-toxic.

In short, these little gadgets are as practical as they’re portable, the perfect stocking stuffers that I highly recommend for useful and affordable Christmas joy! Hope my lil' suggestions help y'alls with the holiday shopping. ¡Feliz Navidad!

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